Sharon Pink – Bowling For Big Boobs

Bowling For Big Boobs

Bowling For Big Boobs

Super-sex star Sharon Pink is back at SCORE and this time, it's Bowling For Boobs day. She is looking as beautiful and as hot as the last time in Prague a few years ago. She is dressed in a very tight orange top under a tight bra that gives her massive, uplifted cleavage, a denim micro-skirt and slip-in wedges. As you may know, Sharon is Czech. She doesn't speak English so we have a local translator with us when we photograph her.

In the opener, Sharon tells us in her native tongue that she has never bowled before. If you enjoy hearing SCORE Girls speak in the language of their homeland, you'll enjoy this segment. Sharon has another kind of sport coming right up after this chat but before that, she wants to try one toss of the ball. She doesn't wind up in the gutter. Not bad for a first timer. Only one pin is left standing. Her form is not bad either!

Our man asks Sharon to lift up her tight top. Her tits look ready to burst her bra straps! On request, Sharon picks up a bowling ball and holds it next to her tits. The ball is not that much bigger than her tits! Sharon goes for the split but sadly her ball hooks over to the gutter. It must be those extreme curves she has. Maybe too much hip action.

Sharon moves her panties aside to bare her pierced, shaved pussy. She sits on one of the balls in the ball return rack and while she rolls her ass and pussy on the rolling ball, she talks a little more about her hobbies and fantasies which consists mainly of lots of sex every day. What are the fantasies of Sharon Pink? Do porn stars have fantasies? Sharon does. She'd like to be on a boat playing with a bunch of sailors and in an army barracks with a group of soldiers.

Sharon's bowling partner Steve is ready to roll with Sharon and she's eager to handle his balls. He comes over to the ball return rack and fingers her cunt and sucks her nipples while she's still rolling on the ball. She stands up so he can strip her totally naked, shove his face in her gorgeous pussy and ass and double-digit her sopping wet pussy. She turns around, kneels to suck, lick and jerk his dick and swallow his balls. Sharon's favorite sport has started and this is a game where no loses! It's called sport-sex and it causes sexual delirium.

Welcome back, Sharon Pink!

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Bedeli B. – Cum to Buttland

Cum to Buttland

Cum to Buttland

This scene opens with Cuban hottie Bedeli getting her ass manhandled and spanked. Her ass ripples when it's spanked, but the sound is solid.

"Spank my ass," Bedeli demands, and she gives it a few whacks, too, just for good measure. "Grab my ass, baby!" she says before mounting her man.

She gets her ass in his face so he can eat out her asshole, then the guy uses his fingers to open up her pussy and asshole and spit inside. Judging by the way she's moaning, Bedeli enjoys it.

Bedeli gets fucked. Then she lies back, spreads her legs and gags on cock while getting her asshole and pink cunt spread wide into the camera.

But will that white ass get fucked?

And will Bedeli open her mouth for cum?

And will she suck the cum and her ass juices off that cock?

Watch and see.

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Beti Phellasio – Beti’s Bangin’ Boobs

Beti's Bangin' Boobs

Beti's Bangin' Boobs

Meet the latest super-sensation at XLGirls: Beti Phellasio! Remember the name because you will be seeing more of this brunette beauty in time to come. Prepare to be knocked down because this English cutie is packing the goods you want to carry.

Beti is checking out some pictures on her tablet as this scene opens. "Big sexy boobs," Beti says. Why do that when all she has to do is look in the mirror at her own big, sexy boobs? Beti puts her tablet away so the fun can really start. She likes to tease but that's cool because she also likes to please. She'll be delivering the action but first she wants to show you what she's made of. A full body show is act one. This girl is too much.

She undresses bit by bit to expose her sexiness and 38G whoppers. Those big boobs need a good rubdown so Beti lubes them up nicely until they glisten and shine. The camera moves in close to examine those knockers in all of their creamy-skinned glory as she squeezes and squishes them. Beti has wide areolae and perky, pointy darker nips that beg to be sucked. No doubts her volunteers for that are endless.

Beti's fuck partner Neeo joins in for act two and can't wait to manhandle those babies. He comes from behind Beti to squeeze and suck them hard. Beti needs cock time and gets into a doggie position to suck his shaft and balls with her wet, talented mouth. She lubes his rod with her spit and deep throats him down to his balls, gobs of mouth juice dripping from her lips. What a throat Beti has! This is just the warm-up to an ultra-intense shagging. Beti will have you climbing the walls with the things she gives to a man. There's sex and there's super-sex. This is super-sex!

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